Meet Our Founder

Bea’s Story

bea ryan founder3Bea Ryan - Founder of Our Foster Kids, Inc.

Bea Ryan, a former foster child, was the youngest child in her family. She was in State Custody for the better part of her childhood until she aged out at 18. Her first of many foster homes was with her oldest brother and his wife, whom she says today were the greatest moral influences in her life. She has many good memories of being in the “system” and some bad – each memory playing a part in who she is today.

“These children are the future leaders of our communities, of our country. It is our responsibility to protect their future.”
- Bea Ryan, 2006

Bea and her husband Bill live in Grants Pass, Oregon where they have raised their 5 children and are watching their 4 grandchildren grow. Bea has been involved with many wonderful non-profit organizations such as Make-a-Wish and United Way.

In 2006, she and Bill became a foster parent herself for a short time. She realized that while foster parents get a small stipend (about $25.00 per day) it in no way covers the “extras” and there are no resources to help with many of the things these kids need.

That Christmas, Bea, together with her co-workers, friends, family and community partners began collecting Christmas presents for the foster children in Josephine County. That grass roots effort yeilded over 200 toys collected, wrapped and delivered to the department of Human Services to be given to the county’s foster children.

Since then, Bea and the group of OFK volunteers gather items year round to give not only Christmas gifts, but Easter baskets and back to school supplies to the more than 400 children with open DHS cases in Josephine County.