Our mission is simply to enhance the life of each foster child in our community by addressing some of their unfunded needs. Additionally, we will address the needs of ANY child we can with the intent of promoting self-esteem so that they may grow to reach their fullest potential.

Our vision now and for the future

Children of today are the citizens, stewards, visionaries, and leaders of tomorrow – they are truly our most precious resource.

Our vision is to create a world where ALL the needs of EVERY child is met with integrity and love by the adults around them whether that comes from the child’s biological family, their foster family, or their community.

We envision a world in which every child feels safe and loved no matter the circumstances. Our volunteers will identify and implement ways to raise public awareness around the needs of foster children who face different challenges than most children.

Our focus will include activities to raise the self-esteem of foster children as well as providing for their unfunded needs and thereby helping them realize that they are vital and valuable members of the community.

We will share our success with other communities and organizations so that they may also nurture and empower children.

“These children are the future leaders of our communities, of our country. It is our responsibility to protect their future.”

Bea Ryan

So what makes foster parents so special?

How about their patience, empathy, and time invested in children who deserve to have a safe, happy, normal childhood.

They aren’t in it “for the money.”

Sometimes the children have special needs or require extra attention for emotional reasons. It can be expensive as well as isolating. Yet these parents persevere because they have a heart for children in need.

Foster children want to feel safe and “normal” – they need the support of their community even if that support is anonymous.

Here’s how you can help:

Children need heroes.

Be a hero to a foster child when they need it the most.