Our Non-Event Fundraising Event

This wonderfully crafted fundraising event is designed to be a win-win for you and for Our Foster Kids, Inc.

You will not be required to dress formally (is there even a store open?), find a babysitter (well, this might be easy), choose a meal in advance (ugh…fish or chicken?), or listen to a boring speech (yawn).

You will not feel obligated to overspend on a hyper-inflated silent auction package and you will not be caught up in a last-minute bidding war.

Basically, you’ll save money by NOT coming to our non-event fundraiser! This leaves you with an evening all to yourself (maybe you do want that babysitter) and Our Foster Kids, Inc. will benefit from your small donation.

To participate in this unique non-event (honestly…who else is doing this?) just click below to make a donation of $25.00 each. In return, we will send you a nice thank you note and we just might include a cheesy red-carpet style photograph of you and your date (wink wink).

1 Not Attending

Please accept my donation of $25

2 Not Attending

Please accept our donation of $50

3 Not Attending

Please accept our donation of $75

? Not Attending

Please accept our donation of $____

Our Foster Kids, Inc. is a Josephine County 501c3 non-profit corporation that provides back-to-school supplies, Christmas presents, and birthday cards to foster children in Josephine County. 
In addition, we try to provide some of the things that the state cannot fund. We depend solely on the generosity of individuals and businesses to complete our mission.